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CombatReplay addon

Donations to support addon: only 2 (updated: 2013, December, 16). New features will not be added soon, I have no time (and no stimulation without donations) to add them, but will support to maintain its functionality.

I am proud to announce my new addon CombatReplay.
Look at the video preview!

Do you like new idea?

I would like to thank everyone who have made a donation. I'll continue to support PhoenixStyle and RaidAchievent addons. Need more for new features!

Support development:

If you like my work - you can still help me:
- donate... :) and as I said before, I'll spend more time on creating new addons, making them better, as you see its true :) Just a little help will help me to find time and create awesome projects:)
- book your hotel from my website (no extra commision for you, best prices from company)

Bitcoin: 337xfT8y7jEzbSCmK1kw1ahmDYFDbymBKk


  1. You can replay combat when you want and see many useful information about it.

/cr or /replay - open it.

List of things I am going to add:

How does addon work:

1. During combat: addon just records log: very simple, VERY light and very friendly with CPU (not during some tests, it's alpha!), but you see a big number of RAM memory, nowadays its just a number, I can reduce it well with increasing CPU usage, need more tests.
2. Before replay, out of combat: when you want to see a combat it elaborates all data (maybe on login will do it too) and re-calculates all events, in this moment addon uses your CPU too much (when you don't need it).
3. During replay: almost all calculations are done and it just shows you a replay in 2D (new features that I am adding are not yet optimised and requires additional calculation).
P.S.: for the moment it saves only 3 combats, tracks events every 0.5 sec and updates them 24 times in a second during replay, be patient and don't worry about memory usage, I am testing it with high performance to know how much should I reduce.

Important tip: if you put a mark on the tank it will be easy to know where the boss is at the moment.

New versions, change log in Facebook:

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Planning, feedback etc:

List of all things that I am planning to add you can find HERE. Also post your suggestions there or using facebook comments on this page.

CombatReplay addon

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