A World of Warcraft Raid Addon

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Casts info (kicks + casts of interruption spells)

phoenixstyle addon kicks casts info

Damage into shields info

phoenixstyle addon damage to shield info

Omnitron boss' options

phoenixstyle addon omnitron options

Al'akir module

phoenixstyle addon Al'akir module

Start a timer for everyone in all BossMods

phoenixstyle addon timers

Autoupdate marks on players

phoenixstyle addon autoupdate marks

Get spell ID or spell link without Alt-tab in wowhead

phoenixstyle addon spell ID in game

Check versions of DBM, BigWigs, DXE, RaidWatch2 addons without installing them

phoenixstyle check versions of DBM, BigWigs, RaidWatch2, DXE

Autoinvite options

phoenixstyle autoinvite

Death report (sorry for screen in russian)

phoenixstyle death report fatality