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Combat Logs

How to create Combat log?
View logs (for addon authors)

Upload your log:

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  Type of raid:    10      25      10+25      LFR!      Mixed

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  Boss names, if needed: - Boss (h) - if hard mode, coma separate.

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  Your log can be used to improve:
   All addons
   Optional, only:
      PhoenixStyle and Shurshik`s other addons


Click button once, page will be changed only when file is uploded (wait a little).

How to create Combat or Chat logs?

What is it?

The Combat Log is a log of combat actions and results of nearby characters. We need it from new instances. Some addons (such as DBM) also need Chat Logs in different languages. When you upload your logs to PhoenixStyle site - you help us to update your favorite addons.

How to create logs?

Use the slash command /combatlog for saving Combat Log, and command /chatlog for saving Chat Log.
Or use LoggerHead addon, that will ask you in every instance to enable logging.
To create transcriptor log use Transcriptor addon.

Uploading logs...

Combat logs are big, would be better if you compress them using WinRAR. Upload files using a form above (MAX ~20 Mb and 5 min uploading time for file) and would be nice if you fill it with some info.
Don`t forget to delete files after upload otherwise they become too big.

View logs (for addon authors)

Are you an addon author and you need access to logs? Write me!