A World of Warcraft Raid Addon

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Do you like achievements? Want to know who fails achievement in your raid or party?

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Do you like achievements? Want to know which achievement you can do in the current (or choosen) raid/party zone?

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Do you want to review your last combat? You can see players' positions, casts and many other info for every second of the fight!

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Auto report flack/food buff on ready check and boss pulls. Want to know who didn't use potions? Prepots?

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Many raid bosses has a shield that have to be breaken very fast, this addon will show you how much more HP they will absorb

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BossModChecker simply checks DBM, Bigwigs, DXE and RaidWatch2 boss mods in a raid and shows you their versions as you can see on screenshot.

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Your BossMod doesn't announce in /say something that you need, such as "Crash on me!"? Your RL asks you to change your BossMod? No more... This addon will help you.

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