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PhoenixStyle news

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Welcome to the PhoenixStyle site!
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Death report - new module

It`s something like Fatality, but much better. Reports information about the last hit a person took before he died (without spam + saves it in combat info). Also checks Cauterize and reports what couse this spell to proc. Give it a try with a new version of PhoenixStyle addon.

Shurshik, 03 January 2012

Searing Plasma debuff - how to track?

You can track it in 2 ways: 1. Using Boss_shieldsmonitor addon in a separate frame. 2. Using Boss_shieldsmonitor + GridStatusShield (fan update) in your GRID. Just download them on this page and set text indicators in your grid options (ex. to Text in the center 2).

Shurshik, 08 December 2011

4.2 on live servers!

All addons were updated for 4.2. PhoenixStyle is only alpha verion and wasn`t uploaded on curse yet. We need combatlogs, please upload them here.

Shurshik, 29 June 2011

Firelands: need combat logs!

Today Blizzard announced the first day of PTR testing. Our site's got a new feature: sharing combatlogs between addon authors. Upload your logs to the PS site and you'll help us update your favourite addons.

Shurshik, 11 May 2011

Addon`s updates for 4.1 patch

PhoenixStyle, RaidAchievement, RaidSlackCheck addons were updated for 4.1 patch. To use them you have to enable "Load outdated addons". I'll update toc files in next versions, after live tests in next 3 days. Let me know if you find errors.

Shurshik, 25 April 2011

Facebook comments on the site

Now you can comment any news, addons and addon`s files using Facebook comments. Found bug in new alpha? Post in comments to help others to wait with their updates.

Shurshik, 17 April 2011

Alternative link:

Site is now available at too! Also you can follow us using Facebook, Twitter and RSS.

Shurshik, 10 April 2011

New site's features

When you download addons from the PhoenixStyle's site we will save this information in your cookies, so next time you visit us, our home page will notify you if a new version is available.

Shurshik, 25 March 2011

Important: Patch 4.1

Next patch will break all PhoenixStyle's addons. New versions will be available for download 1 day before patch. If someone doesn't update addons new anti-spam module will not block all messages

Shurshik, 22 March 2011

Site down

Site was down due to technical problems of our hosting site for a full day. Sorry :(

Shurshik, 16 March 2011

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