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PhoenixStyle news

Site down

Site was down due to technical problems of our hosting site for a full day. Sorry :(

Shurshik, 16 March 2011

SayAnnouncer NEW addon

Your BossMod doesn't announce in /say something that you need, such as "Crash on me!"? RL asks you to change your BossMod? No more... This addon will help you. Reed more...

Shurshik, 16 March 2011

Looking for a sponsor

Want to buy advertising space? Have a nice idea? Write me

Shurshik, 15 March 2011

Welcome to the PhoenixStyle site!

Here you can download the latest version of PhoenixStyle or my other addons and discuss them on a new forum

Shurshik, 08 March 2011

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