A World of Warcraft Raid Addon

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RaidSlackCheck addon


  1. Potions check - shows who uses potions in a raid and who doesn't (saves last 12 fights, to change it: /script rscpotionscombatsaves=12 - any number between 3 and 25).
  2. Also checks prepots!
  3. Also shows who uses Healthstones.
  4. Flask check - shows who has no flask or food buff (automatic check!).
  5. Buffs after rebirth - check buffs in combat after rebirth (doesn't work with Reinc - haven't found any API to detect it yet).
  6. Announce when someone drops food feast, healthstone or flask`s cauldron, repair bot (disabled by default)

/rsc - open menu

Some macro that you can use:

  1. /script rscrepnopot() - 0 potions last fight.
  2. /script rscrepnopot2() - who used potions, last fight.
  3. /script rscrepnortafretcom1() - who used potions, BEFORE fight.
  4. /script rscrepnortafretcom2() - 0 potions BEFORE fight.
  5. /script rscsendflaskmanual() - report who has NO flask/food buff.

RaidSlackCheck addon RaidSlackCheck addon

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