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As of 6.2 a new buff food was added that is the best one for some classes:

Could please add it to the addon?

It was added, it doesn't work? This one is a buff:

No, it doesn't seem to work for me. Is there a setting to use for counting it? I go with both "count +100 food" and "count +75 food" unchecked. In other words - I'd like it to count as +125 food.

I have downloaded the last version from curse and I see the buff "188534" in a list with other +125 buffs. So or you don't have the lst version or the buff doesn't have this ID: but it looks like that it is it..

The spellID is indeed 188534 but the 'stats' value that you are checking in the line 514 in the flaskcheck.lua is 0 for the buff. So it won't be good enough for the addon.


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