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Hellfire Citadel update?

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WIll there be an update for Hellfire?  I use phoenixstyle all the time to control who gets kicked from my raid based on the information I gather from Phoenix.  No information means I'm having a really hard time figuring out who is screwing up mechanics.

Would really appreciate it.

if you have some logs send them to me: admin @ if you have some suggestion (what to track) - just write me spell names, I raid only in lfr, so it's a bit difficult to get logs and to understand what to track :(

Once I have log and spell names to track I add them, otherwise I lose a lot of time =(

Not even 1 Single Boss is actually working with My newest / latest Phoenix Style Addon... C'mon, did You really got NO Logs from no One?
Is it Me?, am I doing something wrong, that it does not work for HFC?


I have only my logs from lfr, no one send them and no one suggest what to do. I found some problems that prevent it from working I tried to fix it and if I get in to lfr in 1 hour I'll test it, but the queue is very big.
P.S. I don't know tactic, so I just add what I see :/

Any News?

knock. knock.


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