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Pull Timer accouncing in Raid Warning (not bossmods)


pscheck() line:
PS Buhbs v.1.632 1111 rsc:0 bsm:0 chat:raidsebesebe, enUS installed: 11/4/2013

I am running the latest BW (4.105r10688)

/ps pull 10 (or any length) is going only through raid warnings, and not the DBM/BW pull timers. I tested in a raid group with a friend running the latest DBM.

It's not a big deal now as I found that the latest BW supports a pull timer (via /pull) but thought I would report it for you.

Thanks, I'll check it :) yes, finally bossmods supports pull timer and starts a bar in all addons. finally they understand this :DD

Strange, asked my friends they are still using it and just cheched... it worked for me


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