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Horidon 25 hc


On first pulls it worked fine and it showed multiple events including after combat report, but after they arent showed anymore, just in combat info ( death info and everything in chronological order)
Also it would help if unknown deaths on this fight would be set by default from direhorn spirit (targets get this debuff )
[20:08:43] PS Devany v.1.629 1111 rsc:1.46 bsm:0 chat:raidraidraid, enUS installed: 3/9/2012

Ehhhh :/ There is some hidden change in 5.2 that broke PS addon sometimes (rare), only relog: /rl can fix it... And I still can't find a problem :(

For the unknown death... There are many abilities and it's difficult to track, may be 1 day I'll create a module to insert id of different 1-shot abilities and to track them, not now

its not a 1shot but only the targeted player can see the direhorn spirit, which hits around 400k, everyone else can see the debuff (dire fixation)only


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