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Throne of Thunder, what to track

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Suggestions? You can just list abilities names which can be tracked, and I'll look what they do

Jin'rokh the Breaker 25 hc links
ionization friendly fire, who exploded(by dispel or regular death) and damaged who
focused lightning- unnecessary damage taken by being near the lightning ball
difused lightning -> extra lightning bolts from hc

Horridon 25

Venom bolt volley interrupts
double swipe number of hits taken or something

Council of elders
Reckless charge, number of hits taken and or damage

for heroic spells I am waiting that someone upload a log +_+

>unnecessary damage taken by being near the lightning ball
I don't have it in my lfr log :(

Will add many other things... hope today

Is there possible to track how many that got hit by a single Caw on Ji-Kun like you had with people stacking on windstep on bladelord?

And maybe on Tortos to tell who dpsed what of the adds.

And thanks a great bunch for sorting this awesome addon! :) If i were a better programmer i sure would have helped! =)

He will be available this week in lfr, I'll try. Today I can see that many logs were uploaded on the website, but I'll have time only on weekend to look into them :/


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