Author Topic: Couple Suggestions for MoP  (Read 4421 times)

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Couple Suggestions for MoP
« on: July 05, 2012, 17:42:07 »
First let me tell you as a GM and RL your add-on is and will be critical to our success.. I have been using it since you first put it up and it has now turned into a powerful tool when leveraged correctly forces accountability on the spot without having to sift through tons of logs..

Now on to why i am posting.. I have a few suggestions that i think would make this even more powerful.. One of the things i ran into during our progression on spine was my need for a custom timer that i could trigger when i wanted too.. For example i wanted a timer for 90 seconds that i would start the minute we finished a tendon burn.. This was out goal to get to the next tendon burn within 90 secs of each other.. I couldn't do it and ended up doing a mod to DXE so i could trigger it (This was all at 5% nerf).. But having a custom counter that you can trigger with a macro would be nice..

Secondly, adding an attendance tracker would be nice as well.. Basic attendance would be fine but it would be great if it tracked attempts by character that way i could see a list of people with the most experience on a fight.. Wouldn't have to be to be a big deal my guess is each time the fight is started it keeps a rolling count with a reset button.. This would allow me to see quickly how many attempts certain people had on a fight so could get the most experienced in or make sure i am balancing the rotation of players..

And lastly mb integration with a Raidbuff status check of some kind.. Integrate an add-on mb.. I use RBS but something to tell me if everyone has a food, buffs, pets, DI's etc.. The reason i say this it would be great if everything was centralized in your add-on ALSO if you could create a smaller windowed version of the add-on so you could keep it up during attempts..

I know this is a lot of stuff but these are things i think i would use in your add-on

thanks for all the hard works and i promote your add-on every time i get a chance.. probably one of the best ever made


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Re: Couple Suggestions for MoP
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2012, 21:53:11 »
Hi, thanks. I always like such messages :)

1. There is a possibility to start custom timer with a macro, from a description:
/ps timer name n - will start a timer called "name" for "N" sec in all bossmods
is this what you need? (I'll write all possibility macro in addon window)

2. Something like that I saw in some dkp-addons (can`t find it now). It`s a lot of work, for the moment I can`t take it :/

3. I was thinking about a small-window-version, but when I try... the window is huuuuge to show all incombat info. If someone shows me with photoshop how it should be... Maybe I can create it :)
Will install RBS too (never used it before, everything what my guild need was added in RSC)

Thanks for your suggestions :) also if you get some nice idea for panda-boss trackers post them here:) I don`t play beta (I still don`t know which bosses there are xD), so it will be not so easy to find what to track :)
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