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I think its a nice idea on the pull timer at second 3 to say something like "Pull in 3! - Use Pots!" so it reminds the raiders to pre-pot:)

Thank you,

I am thinking and discussing about this with friends. DOn`t know if it`s ok to add some more text on pull timer -_-

For the moment anyone liked this idea... All classes use prepots in different moments, some 4 sec before, some 0.5 sec before... so it`s personal preparation and pull timer makes everyone understand that they must prepare for the pull +_+

Fair enough :)


You could always add a config options with a text box that you can type a custom message into that would just go out with the pull notice. If they set it to something, it could just print it out before the first "Pull in n sec." line. I suppose you could even print it to RAID instead of RAID_WARNING, but I don't think it matters that much.


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