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Hello from <Supermassive> of Turalyon-US. We're a high end US pve guild and we absolutely love your addon(s). Thank you for putting in so much work in to this. Everytime we say "I wish Bigwigs had this feature" PhoenixStyle has it.

One thing I wanted to ask is if you guys could add a Data Broke / LDB feature to it. I'm not a big fan of minimap icons and I imagine a lot of people aren't. It would be nice to add it to a broker addon and not have to either look at the minimap icon or type out /phoenixstyle, etc..

Looks like someone already wrote one as a separate addon, but it would make a lot of sense to include it, don't you think? :).

Thanks again and please keep up the good work.

Hi :) it was suggested before... but I have never used/seen any data broker, so I need to check what is it and then understand how does it work, but my "todo list" is always full... I'll try to find time to understand more about this when finish "pets tracker" and "export on forum" :)

Update: I copy/past files and did some changes... I'll upload it as alpha today after some changes with pets tracker

Great! Thanks Shurshik. I'm not at all comfortable with LUA, but if you need any help with logs/data, don't hesitate to ask.

By the way, is there a "to-do" list anywhere? I'm more curious than anything. Again, keep up the fantastic work, friend.

Nope I write it only for me :) But for the moment nothing interesting... I have to finish saved info export (it`s not easy becouse I want to insert links in text), pets and see how it looks :)

I need logs + file from saved variabiles in first month when new content comes, for the moment nothing, thanks :)

Everything is working great, but I had a minor suggestion if you don't mind.

Can you change the ldb name from PhoenixStyleBroker to just PhoenixStyle please? Trying to pretty-up my UI!


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