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As far as i remember, we have x1 y1 x2 and y2 and therefore the precise width and height of a dungeon map as well as playerpositions, which would allow us to measure 5 yards range between people, guess thats what dbm will do again this time.
So where is your difficulty exactly?
"Defeat Ultraxion in Dragon Soul on Normal or Heroic Difficulty without any raid member being hit by Hour of Twilight more than once.
I havent done the fight myself or seen logs of it, but id say it should become visible in the combatlog as aura_applied or some sort of spelldmg taken on live realms

Becouse achievement fails on a server side info of the distance... that is not the same on client side. I did some checks and better to track it with in game Blizzard tracker which works good this time...

Nope.. there are 2 realms.. such as Halion, when you are down you don`t see what is up :(

Well... will give more checks with distance..

I have complained about this "realm" problem like halion or the dragon in Sunwell quite a lot, and i dont think the devs will ever listen to me^^

Ok, I decided to add range check, but I am not sure how it works in 25 ppl:
without any two players (three players on 25-player mode) ever being within 5 yards of each other

player1 - 4yard - player2 - 4 yard - player3, but between player1 and player 3 there are more than 5 yards... is this a fail?

Upd.: For the moment addon will announce fail if it find atleast ONE person that has TWO persons nearest than 5 yd to him (25 ppl, in 10 ppl it`s more easy to track).


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