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I have a few ideas how to track untracked achievements in firelands.

Lord Rhyolith, Ambiturner

1) There is a Buff called Turning Flame on the Feet. maybe, that is an indicator wether you fail the achievement

2) you could also try the code from ambiturner

--- Code: ---
L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):GetLocale("Ambiturner")


local _G = getfenv(0)
local format = _G.format

local warned = false

ABC:RegisterEncounter("Ambiturner", {

name = "Ambiturner (Lord Rhyolith)",
zone = "Firelands",

pull = {
type = "combat",
npcs = { 52558, 52577, 53087 },

defeat = {
type = "death",
npcs = { 52558 },

onStart = function(self)
  warned = false

onEnd = function(self)
  warned = false

combatEvents = {

 onPower = function(self)
  if warned == false then
  local unit = "player"
  local bar_type, min_power = UnitAlternatePowerInfo(unit)
  if not bar_type then return end

  local current_power = UnitPower(unit, ALTERNATE_POWER_INDEX)
  if min_power > current_power then
  current_power = min_power

  local value = current_power / UnitPowerMax(unit, ALTERNATE_POWER_INDEX)

   if value < 0.50 then
    warned = true
    SendChatMessage(format(L["%s failed!"], GetAchievementLink(5810)), "RAID_WARNING")
    SendChatMessage(format(L["%s failed!"], GetAchievementLink(5810)), "RAID")

--- End code ---

Only the Penitent...

If a player gets hit by or
the achievement fails.


1. Thanks :) I'll test it on Sunday raid :)

The 2nd achieve I don`t track becouse in my guild someone fail it before I come in the distance to track log.... Sooooo.... Maybe better to add it, you are right.

New version will be ready next Monday :)

P.S. let me know if you find a way to track achievs on Ultraxion :) I have some idea but I don`t like them :(

Is there something else than minutes to midnight and kills?

In patch I don`t track:
Hagara (there is no criteria for kill...)
Morchok (5 yards... it`s very diff to track 5 yards exactly)
Ulraxion (when I avoid damage - I don`t see other persons in combatlog that got damage, I see only that they lose HP, but... maybe they lose it by a hit, or some other ability.... Quantity HP is always different... may be they use some save abilities and lose only 10% HP... the same that lose fire mage after "death" Oh...)

So I am thinking how to track it :)


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