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Do you like my addons?

Dear friends, PhoenixStyle and RaidAchievements are with us for a lot of contents, almost 8 years! They were downloaded more than 10 mln times, I was dreaming, if I could get just 1 cent for each download, but it doesn't work so...

So guys, if you enjoy using my addon and you want (because I really want) it to help you in the future to confront new enemies of Azeroth, you can make a donation. And I promise you that every donation counts and even with small sum I will keep PhoenixStyle and RaidAchievement addons up to date. And if we collect considerable sum then new useful functions and mods, which I have in mind, won’t let you wait.

P.S. Thanks to those donations - CombatReplay addon was created (but was broked by Blizzard in 2016 :( A small donation from you - can help me, and I will try help you in-game.

Making a donation is much easier than killing Shek'zeer:


or send them to: (no commission)

Total (in 8 years): 1330 of x euro raised (3 monthly).
Last donation: 2017, February, 18. 10 euro.
(updates every 24h)

Can't do a donation? You can help in other way:

P.S. You can check my new website about Cinque Terre, Italy (all photos and even video are mine!
or an old one: Cinque Terre.
I love the place where I live, may be you will love it too? Take a look! It's amazing place!

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